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Sporthotel Pontresina 1879 to 2022

Florian Stoppany, originally from Engadine, returned home from Berlin and built the Hotel Pontresina on the foundation walls of the Maison Stiffler. Architects the Ragaz brothers from Samedan constructed the building.


Opening of the palatial Hotel Pontresina.


Ulrich Stiffler built Maison Stiffler.


Construction of the Albula railway, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The hotel discovered winter tourism and had central heating installed.


Following the outbreak of World War I, the summer season ended abruptly. Difficult years ahead.


A short recovery that ended abruptly with the global economic crisis in 1929


In a referendum, the Grisons say ‘yes’ to private road traffic.


The hotel went through a difficult period and financial troubles. Graubündner Kantonalbank became the owner.


Hotel Pontresina became Sporthotel Pontresina.


The Second World War broke out and tourism collapsed.

1940 – 1945

Troops of the Swiss Army are housed in the Sporthotel. Financially, the situation remains tense.


The rationing of the last consumer products is revoked.


Tourism was starting up again – but many Swiss opted to spend their holidays abroad.


Graubündner Kantonalbank took the Sporthotel onto its books.


The first in-room bathrooms were installed in some of the rooms.


The municipality of Pontresina bought the Sporthotel.


Regula and Hans-Georg Pampel took over the management of the Sporthotel


The Pampels became the new leaseholders of the Sporthotel.


Construction of the rooftop spa complex.


Rooms equipped with Internet connection


The Pampel family's Sporthotel AG purchased the Sporthotel from the Municipality of Pontresina. Remodelling of bar, lounge and fumoir (smoking room).


Construction of staff accommodation and opening of the Fonduehüttli


Nicole and Alexander Pampel take over the management of the Sporthotel.


The hotel lobby and reception are rebuilt.
New enclosed bike room and new bike workshop are completed.
The Sporthütta restaurant is inaugurated.


The new Il Piz building including underground car park with a total of 60 spaces is completed.
New fitness room with state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment is inaugurated.


36 rooms completely renovated


Extensive refurbishment of the Roseg apartment


For us and the "Grand old Lady", the biggest rejuvenation ever. Not a matter of course in this environment and after two years of pandemic. We are very proud to be able to realise this project. An investment in our future and that of the next generation.

After a delay of two years, the heating system of the Sporthotel is now also heated with geothermal energy. This has resulted in a heating oil saving of 30%, and a further 10% can be saved thanks to the insulation of the room walls and the replacement of the windows. Through our constant investments from 2012 to 2022, we have achieved a heating oil reduction of over 60%.

45 rooms will be completely renovated, all exterior walls insulated from the inside and around 100 windows replaced. All heating supply and return pipes are being re-routed and fire protection and sound insulation optimisations are being carried out by replacing the ceilings and insulating them from above and installing fire-resistant floor tiles. All rooms are connected to the fire alarm system. This means full protection and contributes to the safety of our guests.

The wellness area on the roof of the Sporthotel is completely renovated. The application area grows by around 30%.

The SportHütta is finally constructed as a fixed building after a 10-year process.

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