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Our engagement

For our nature and our future

Commitment to sustainability is a high priority for us at the Sporthotel Pontresina. To this end, we invest in the environmentally friendly redesign of the hotel and thus in sustainable tourism. 

In order to leave a beautiful and intact earth for future generations, we set ourselves the goal 10 years ago of reducing CO2 emissions by 60 % by 2022. With success. We have achieved the goal. We were able to reduce them by 70%.

Are you interested in the details of our commitment? Here you can find out more about all the investments and changes that have already been made and those that are planned.

Small steps, great effects

No display of cosmetic products and bath slippers
At the Sporthotel we deliberately refrain from displaying cosmetic products and slippers in the rooms. These products are available for a symbolic amount at the reception. We donate 100% of the proceeds to charitable projects.

Natural cosmetics
We use only natural cosmetics in the rooms.

Refill instead of replace
Refillable pump dispensers avoid large amounts of plastic and ultimately reduce waste. 

Measures taken


The Sporthotel is making targeted investments in the sustainable, energy-efficient conversion of the hotel.

Water projects

Saving water and helping to ensure that more people have access to clean water is our goal.

Achieving more together

Networking and thus achieving more together - which initiatives has the Sporthotel Pontresina joined and what are their goals.

Water for the poorest

Every drop of water is a precious commodity in a developing country!

Pure, healthy water is often the beginning of a significantly better life. The hand-operated water pump provided by UNICEF is made of highly durable stainless steel, and provides water for a whole community. One water pump costs CHF 385.00, to which you contribute CHF 1.00 per carafe of Pontresina spring water ordered.

So far we where able to donate 100 water pumps.