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Arkade and Roseg


Anything the healthy heart desires: Choose between an abundance of rich wholegrain breads, a large selection of hearty muesli and homemade muesli mixes. Prefer local cow's milk or vegan alternatives such as cereal or soya milk? It’s up to you. In summer you can also enjoy your breakfast at Alp Languard.

Delicious and copious

Hotel guests can enjoy a comprehensive four-course menu. After a soup or starter, help yourself from the varied salad buffet. For the main course, we serve a choice of fish, meat, or vegetarian. Your meal concludes with sweet temptations or regional cheese specialities. Enjoy!

When booking half board for the whole stay, we charge CHF 51 per person per day for the daily menu. You are welcome to eat à la carte in one of our restaurants instead of the menu. Then we will credit you the CHF 51.


Communal table
Communal table

Those who like to sit at the table with others at dinner can reserve a place at the communal table at the reception.

Opening hours


  • open daily from 7 am to 10 am


  • 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm
  • open until 9 pm