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Measures in the last few years

On the one hand, we are making targeted investments in the sustainable, energy-efficient conversion of our hotel. On the other hand, we strive to significantly reduce the consumption of electricity and pollutants. This has enabled us to reduce our CO2 emissions by 70% within 10 years.

Motion detector installed at the light of the cold storage cellsSavings 85 kWh/a
500 halogen spotlights replaced with LEDsSavings 26'379 kWh/a
Incandescent and halogen lamps replaced in adjoining rooms, cellars and stairwellsSavings 11'375 kWh/a
Switching off coffee machines when not in useSavings 375 kWh/a
Instructing kitchen staff on more energy efficiency6635 kWh
Restricted water flow in showers41'564 kWh, 11t CO2
Timer for document shredders, beverage dispensers and refrigeration units60 kWh
Higher temperature in the freezer956 kWh
Adjust and replace the drive frame of the ventilation (wellness, restaurant, bar, hall, kitchen) and replace the ventilation filter.4693 kWh
Reduce the operating times of the ventilation18'957 kWh
Reduce the air volume of the ventilation14'798 kWh, 2,1t CO2
Replace refrigerators840 kWh
Replace more refrigerators1460 kWh
Reduce storage temperatures4316 kWh, 1,1t CO2
Lower pre flow temperaturesVorlauftemperaturen senken2806 kWh, 0,7t CO2
Targeted ventilation, instruction of staff15'039 kWh,4t CO2
Replace circulation pumps in the heating system9'132 kWh
Keep energy accounts (incl. electricity)18'118 kWh, 3,7t CO2
Replace 24 hotel room windowsHotelzimmerfenster erneuern24'294 kWh, 6,4t CO2
Interior insulation of 24 rooms8'417 kWh, 1,7t CO2
Fluorescent tubes replaced by LED in office, kitchen, washroom2'515 kWh
Complete renovation of the central heating system with connection to boreholes for geothermal probes~ 30% partial relief of the oil heating system from August 2022 onwards
Interior insulation of 45 rooms in spring 202211'836kWh, 3.4t CO2
Replace 100 windows in spring 2022101'225kWh, 26.7t CO2
Insulation of the wellness replaced. Spring 20228600 kWh, 1,7t CO2
As of November 2022: Implementation of action plan for voluntary reduction of electricity consumption.~ 10% reduction in consumption