The Family

Regula and Hans-Georg take care of the Sporthotel and its guests since 1982. 12 years ago the 2. generation entered the enterprise and is since 5 years responsable for managing this beautiful hotel.


From 1982 to 1986 Regula and Hans-Georg run the place for the comune of Pontresina. in 1986 they rented the hotel until 2010.


In december 2010 the comune decided to sell the hotel to the Family Pampel. Is sounds very easy but was a challenge to secure the financial part and convince the locals to vote positive to this business.


From now on our "grand old lady" as we call her is in our hands and we look forward to be responsable for the history of this 130 years old building.


Your host familiy

Alexander & Nicole Pampel


In the picture form the left:

Alexander with daughter Alina, Nicole with son Andri, Hans-Georg with grandchild Linus and Regula Pampel