Welcome to Sporthotel Pontresina in the Engadine


Allegra and welcome to Sporthotel Pontresina in the Engadine

In this 150th jubilee year of winter tourism in the Engadine, we are pleased to share unforgettable moments with you at Sporthotel Pontresina. Sporthotel Pontresina, after experiencing 133 of those magical Engadine winters, has many stories to tell....


The Engadine, even after 150 years of tourism and at modern times, still remains a place of fascinating natural beauty. Our "Grand old Lady" as we lovingly call Sporthotel Pontresina, is restored constantly. This winter, we are proud to present our brand new underground car parking, our new restaurant “Sporthütta” and 8 refurbished bathrooms.



View the Short Movie 150 years of winter tourism here


Experience our uncomplicated and sporty hospitality. Whether skiing, cross country skiing or winter hiking. Experience wonderful days at Sporthotel Pontresina with family, with friends or just by yourself. With us! We await you with joy!


A revair ed a bainbod!
Good bye and see you soon!

Your Family Pampel and Sporthotel Team